Psychotherapy, Depth Hypnosis, Executive Coaching


Dr. Foote expertly guides clients through barriers they have previously been unable to address by applying the principles of buddhism, shamanism, energy medicine and transpersonal psychology to create lasting change.


Psychotherapy and Depth Hypnosis

“Drawing on an innovative blend of contemplative traditions and Western psychological theory and practice, Depth Hypnosis guides individuals to embrace greater levels of compassion, self-awareness, and well-being. These values serve as a platform for the development of dedicated practitioners in the powerful treatment modality of Depth Hypnosis.” Isa Gucciardi, Creator of Depth Hypnosis

Have you felt your meditation practice has stalled? Do you struggle to address areas of imbalance regardless of your practice or intellectual understanding of the issue? If you are dealing with feelings of depression, trauma or anxiety there is support here for you.


Executive Coaching

Leadership Landing

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