One of my passions is to support people in the many aspects of being in the service industry. Providers in helping professions such as health care, nurses, acupuncturists, chiropractors, doctors, therapists, social workers as well as other service professions can experience burn out and fatigue. Often organizations and individuals lose their way and their connection to what their intent or purpose was when they were called to their field.

My trainings help to address and align the intention and motivation to continue your work with integrity and in health.

In addition I also provide trainings in infant and early childhood mental health as it is the foundation for all health across the lifespan. I train in the areas of attachment, toxic stress, brain development, reflective practice and self care.

I have trained judicial officers, lawyers, social workers, therapists, CASA volunteers, child care providers and early childhood service providers across the field and many more to deepen their work and feel supported with the information and alignment to do their work.

Trainings may be tailored to your group or organization as needed.